Sunday, June 1, 2008

Well we are finally back from Google IO, and I have to say we learned a lot of interesting stuff.

We were able to meet some of the other 50 semi-finalist in the Android Developer Challenge. It was great to talk with each and every one of them, and wish everyone the best of luck in the next round.

We are off and running preparing so we may be a bit under the radar for a while, but do not be shy. Send us a note and we will be happy to respond to the inquiries.

- Greg

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's out there

We became semi-finalists in the Android Developer Contest!  Somehow people have figured out our web site address (admittedly it's not very hard to do) but we even had some registrations.  

Odd... I guess they were other winners - if so (hey guys! congratulations!).  One of the registered accounts may have even been logged in when I pushed out the new skin (sorry about that).  

Anyway registration is disabled for a little while so we can re-group and figure out what our plan is.  Sorry about that.